What is Monetizer ?

Monetizer is a system linking a website and a minecraft plugin allowing, as hundreds of mobile games already do, to users here of players connected to your minecraft server, to watch advertisements in exchange for rewards that they will recover directly on the game.

The advertisements viewed will also allow the administrators of these servers to generate income in order to support their server. It is also possible to use the website to advertise its minecraft server.

How to use it ?

Adding Monetizer to its minecraft server is extremely simple. Just download the latest version of the Spigot plugin, put it in its "plugins" folder and restart the server. After defining an owner (via the game), you can already start earning money !

To advertise your server or simply your minecraft content, simply go to the advertisements tab which will allow you to display your content on the page that all players who will watch advertisements with Monetizer will see !

Why should I use it ?

Monetizer makes it possible to earn money quickly according to the number of players on your server, and to withdraw it via paypal thus allowing a secure, fast trasaction and everywhere in the world.

The more people who use Monetizer, the faster and larger the gains thanks to our advertising partners, the gains only increase over time !

If you want to use Monetizer to do your own advertising, it will be cheaper than other advertising systems but will exactly reach the audience of minecraft players you are looking for and this with a very simple setup.